Sunday Service Attendance Sign-Up


As we promised, the elders have continued to evaluate the government regulations that relate to our gathering together for worship. We have read and re-read what the legal requirement in NC is and what it is not. And we have prayed for the Lord’s guidance in our discussions. Through this process we have confirmed that the written regulations (including what was most recently released on July 27) exclude churches from the state’s mandates concerning masks, distancing, etc.

Based upon our confirmation of this exemption, we are choosing to return to what was our practice a few Sundays ago. This includes:

 1. The wearing of masks is optional.* The elders do support the wearing of masks when entering the church and when moving about inside. However, when sitting in the Worship Center (i.e. while listening, praying, and singing) you are free to remove them if you desire to do so. 

*At this time, we have set aside our Fireside Room during the 9am service as a mask-required space for those who need to take extra precautions during this time. 

2. We still encourage caring for one another by practicing social distancing, and by congregating for fellowship more outside than inside. Every other row will continue to be marked as unavailable for seating.

3. We will still utilize the sign-up form for Sundays, with a maximum attendance of 135 for each service. If we start to fill all the available seats each service then we will reevaluate this guideline.

4. If you are especially at risk due to health challenges, age, or other reasons, we do continue to encourage you to participate in the services at home via the live stream.

These guidelines allow us to honor the Lord by honoring our governmental leaders. And they also allow us the opportunity of still expressing love and care for one another.

In an attempt to maintain proper social distancing during services and safe cleaning practices in between services, we will be hosting in-person services at 9am and 11am. Nursery care is available for children 2 and under.

As always, we urge caution for those who are in an at-risk category. We also ask that you refrain from attending if you are not feeling well and/or exhibiting any symptoms resembling COVID-19.

Members and regular attenders: We are no longer limiting attendance based on CareGroups. You are encouraged to attend each week, if possible. We do ask that you continue to sign-up so that we can monitor attendance and prepare properly each week. There will be extra seating available in the Fireside room to view the live-stream.

Guests: We are grateful for your desire to come - we would welcome your attendance and would appreciate you filling out this form, as well, to help us track our numbers for each service.

PLEASE NOTE: You must add every person in your family separately for us to have an accurate count. Just click "add another person" until your whole family is added. Thank you!