How do I become a member?

We believe membership is very important. It is our desire to see all members actively involved in ministry and fellowship. We have a simple four-step process to become a member at our church. First, fill out our membership application. Second, attend a New Members Class. Third, meet with one of our elders. Finally, the right hand of fellowship, where we present you to the church body.

Where do I go when I enter the church?

For first time visitors we recommend that you enter at the front of our building facing Ebert St. Upon entering the building, you will find our welcome desk and greeters ready to answer questions or point you in the right direction.

Where do I take my children?

At TCBC we have children of every age. We currently have a wing of our building designated to children under 2, and a second wing designated for children’s education. Please ask our friendly greeters or welcome desk for directions, should you want to utilize these ministries.

Is Twin City Bible Church a part of the FIC (Family Integrated Church) movement?

Twin City is not part of the FIC movement. While we do share many of the same concerns about the importance of family life, and the ever-present danger there is to neglect clear biblical responsibilities in the home, Twin City does (1) disagree with some presuppositions and (2) differ in some practices that are common amount FIC churches. While affirming the parents responsibility to lead their families, Twin City does offer age specific ministries, led by qualified teachers. It is the parents choice whether or not to utilizes these ministries with a spirit of unity for the body of Christ.

Preaching seems to be a high priority at TCBC, why is that?

Our church is convinced the Lord has given us His word, and that He desires we understand it.You will find that our teaching is predominately expository as we work verse by verse through the scriptures. This protects our teachers and ensures that we teach the full counsel of God, rather than the agendas of men or modern topics.

What should I wear to attend services?

Men and woman wear a wide variety of apparel at TCBC. We do not have a dress code. You will find some wearing suits, and dresses while others are dressed more casually. Please dress modestly and in good taste.

Are you independent or affiliated with any denomination?

TCBC is an independent church governed solely by it’s elder board. We have a wide network of fellow churches and friends. We are also associated with other TES (The Expositors Seminary) campus churches. However, we are not associated with any denominations.

Am I required to give a monetary contribution?

While the new testament saints are told to give liberally, sacrificially and joyfully it is not required that our visitors give. The expectation is that our members and those regularly benefiting from our ministry give towards the Lord’s work.