Student Ministry


Rooted in Paul’s desire from Philippians 3:8 and the example of the teenage Jonathan Edwards, we desire that students will be resolved to live for Jesus Christ and follow Him as Lord. Resolved is open to any student in middle school or high school.

Coming alongside of parents in the encouragement and discipleship of students, we faithfully proclaim Christ and the Gospel each week to students, trusting that God will save and transform through His Word. To encourage students to be resolved to live for Christ, we:

  • Teach God’s Word
  • Practice Biblical Discipleship
  • Encourage Christian Community

We regularly have social activities like Friday Night Focus–a gathering to worship while being challenged from God’s Word, as well as Summer Camp and Winter Retreat.

On Sunday mornings, the two groups (Middle School, grades 6-8; High School, grades 9-12) meet at 10:45 am (during the second, duplicate service for the adults). On Wednesday nights we meet combined at 7:00 pm.

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Upcoming Events:

Please check back frequently for schedule updates.

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Winter Retreat 2019