Homeschool Co-op

  A homeschool co-op, called The Berean Scholars, meets Friday mornings during the school year on the campus of TCBC. The goal of The Berean Scholars at Twin City is to minister to the moms of TCBC and come alongside them specifically as they endeavor to school their children. It has classes available for ages Kindergarten up to 8th Grade. For younger siblings, there is a preschool class as well as a nursery. Mom participation is a requirement as we are not a school, but a ministry to come alongside you in your homeschool journey. 

    The grades, classes, teacher, short descriptions of the classes offered, and a breakdown of costs on a semester basis (for teachers to purchase materials and supplies) for the year can be found at the link below. If you are interested in participating, details for who to contact and how to sign up can also be found at the link below.