Women's Conference


We are excited to host speaker and author Martha Peace for this year's conference. The theme is "Hope That Endures." The conference is March 1-2. You can register using the form below. Please note that the early bird rate ends after February 11.




This year's conference was March 10-11 with guest speaker Lisa Hughes. You can watch the sessions through our YouTube channel

2022 - Speaking Truth in Love

The topic in 2022 was Speaking Truth in Love. Cheryl Marshall, co-author of the recent book entitled When Words Matter Most, was our guest speaker. You can view the sessions at this link:


2022 Women's Conference Sessions



2021 - Be Still My Soul


You are invited join the ladies of TCBC for an encouraging conference designed to apply the timeless truths from God's Word to our often restless hearts. Sheila Pennington, an experienced conference speaker and pastor's wife, will be our speaker.

Click here to see the 2021 Women's Conference Schedule

2020 - Faithful Friends

Our guest speaker is Caroline Newheiser, an experienced teacher and counselor. She will be speaking on the topic of friendship.

2019 - Transformed

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Our guest speaker this year was Martha Peace. Martha is a certified biblical counselor through the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors (ACBC) and an established author of The Excellent Wife, Attitudes of a Transformed Heart, Becoming a Titus Two Woman, and several other titles. Martha shared with us on how to be ‘transformed’ in our hearts and characters and also in our ministry to other people.

2018 - Grace and Glory

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